Located at the lakefront on The Workers Hubertus Club in Adams Road Luddenham, is the venue for the activities of this great model boat club.

The WHMBC is an active organisation that exists solely to provide facilities and services to allow members to sail all forms of radio-controlled watercraft.

The club has been in operation for over thirty years, and currently has a membership of over 90 people, with a wide age range and many varied interests in model boating.

The club has in effect four (4) subgroups

  1. Conventional radio-controlled model ships. These models may be of warships, commercial ships, tugboats (very popular) or period sailing ships. This group meets every Sunday at the lakefront adjacent to the main Workers Hubertus Club2.
  2. The Sailing Group. This rapidly growing group sails on Wednesdays and some Saturdays at the lake. The most popular yacht is the Dragon Force DF 95, a standardised and affordable racing yacht. In addition, members also sail DF 65’s ( a smaller version of the 95), International One meter yachts, A-class, East Coast 12’s, and a variety of individual designs. The racing is very competitive, and fun to watch on a breezy day
  3. The fast electric and internal combustion speedboats. These amazing craft, that seems to fly across the water at speeds of over 60kmh, are in a class of their own, with amazing speed and turning capability. They operate from the lake on j some Saturdays during the year
  4. Navy arvo. This is a group of sailors dedicated to sailing all forms of warships ranging in size from battleships over 3.0 metres long to small PT boats some 300mm long. This group sails on the first Saturday of every month at the lake


The WHMBC is managed by a group of dedicated radio-controlled model ship sailors whose sole purpose is to provide the best facilities possible for members to sail their model boats, in whatever form they might be.

For 2019 – 2020 the club officers are:

Senior officers

Commodore: Doug Wright
First Lieutenant and shipwright: Joe Zaragoza

Chief Engineer and Purser: Alan Taylor
Chief Communications Officer: Stephen Taylor

Junior officers

Des Eustace (Responsible for Failsafe checking)
Dave Coleman (Responsible for Uniform sales and orders)

Pat O’Keefe
Brian McKellar
James Dawes. ( supply and advice on electronics )

Elections are held for officers in the club every year.



The WHMBC members, are also members of the Blacktown Workers Group, and as such are able to use all of the facilities of the club nearby, including amenities, great food and club priced drinks.

In addition to the main club’s facilities, the Boat Club has its own storage container, a covered BBQ area, and a number of boat sheds on the lake frontage to provide shelter from the sun and rain. We provide tables and chairs so members can work on their boats and be seated while sailing their models. Car parking is provided immediately adjacent to the boat sheds.

The lake frontage has recently been upgraded with new retaining walls, steps down to the water level, and a portable launching dock



This is a very friendly club with members very willing to assist those just starting or may have a problem they are not able to address themselves.

Our Vice President and resident Shipwright Joe Zaragoza also has a stall each Sunday where members can arrange repairs or modifications, purchase new radio gear or parts, or even purchase a new or second-hand model. Joe also runs a BBQ for members every second Sunday.

Our members travel far and wide to other clubs or Boat Shows so it is important we look good.

As part of this commitment to members, we have available to purchase at very low cost embroidered summer polo shirts in Navy and White, wide-brimmed sun hats, lightweight spray jackets in Navy and white, and for those chilly winter days, we have very cosy winter parka’s, all embroidered with the clubs logo.



The members of WHMBC are an active lot, travelling to other clubs on Regatta days and Boat Shows. On most Sundays their will be between 20 and 40 boats on the lake.

Every year we also hold or own model boat show, the 2019 show being on September 7th and 8th . The boat show will be held in the main auditorium of the Workers Hubertus Clubhouse.

In addition to the show Task Force 72, another model Boat Club will put on a formation display with over 20 ships, on Saturday afternoon, and on Sunday a number of our special Springer tugs will be available for kids (big and little) to play with.



Membership is only $5.00 per year.

Please contact Treasure Alan Taylor at

Or Secretary Stephen Taylor at